More Zombies, Break-Ins, and Broken Legs: An Eerie E911 Update

In 2018, Bandwidth's resident 911 expert Thomas Ginter provided a rare glimpse into how 911 works by describing what would happen to Bandwidth's emergency services during a zombie apocalypse. Two years later, those things-that-went-bump-in-the-night are far less frightening than the real-world specters of E911 regulations, 911 location management, and support for mobile and work-from-home users.

Join Thomas as he is haunted by fellow industry ghoul Robin Erkkila. Together, they'll brush away the cobwebs and provide you with gruesome details for how to better manage the complexities of E911 without wanting to flee screaming into the night.


Meet the Speakers


Thomas Ginter
E911 Expert/Zombie at Bandwidth

Robin Erkkila
E911 Expert/Ghoul at Bandwidth


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